Cannot access files after a format and fresh install

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Aaj kar mera computer mujhe hi pareshan kiya hua hai.

I am in big problem. I have 2 partitions in my 40
GB hard disk. I have installed windows xp in 1st partition (c:) and i
keep all my documents in 2nd partition (D:). I have set 'my documents'
in d: drive by setting its target to 'd:\my documents' from its default
'c:\documents and.....'. On the sharing tab in the properties of my
documents I checked the option 'make this folder privete', so that other
users (my small brother who have another account) can't get access to my
files. I keep all my important documents in this folder.

This week I had to format my windows due to some problems. I formated c:
drive & reinstalled same windows in it. Now the problem comes. I now
can't open my 'My doecuments' folder in D: drive. When I try to open it
it gives the message "D:\My Documents is not accessible access
is denied"

I am in very very bad condition, my all important documents are in this
folder. What to do. Please Help!.

Meri billi mujhi ko myaun

Satissh S

If you have a knoppix live cd, you can recover your documents. Take a look at this, Hacking Knoppix in Extremetech
The best way is format your C:\ to Fat32 using Qt Parted and copying all your documents to the new C:\ as knoppix has the capability to write to fat32 and is perfectly safe.

You may try the foll,
Or, boot with XP Install/lRescue disk and select 'R' Rescue. Press 1 to get to your C:\Windows and give Admin Passwrd and issue the foll,
C:\Windows> d:
D:\xcopy <Dir> C:\ where Dir is your directory. I'am not sure abt this but anyway.. ;-)


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Log in with admin priviledges. Navigate in My Computer to D:\ Right click on the folder "My Documents" and select Properties. Go to security Tab and go to Advanced... Here, there is a tab called Owner... Change it to your new account...

Note 1: If you use WinXP home, you will have to boot from safe mode

Note 2: If your current account does not have admin priv, you might have to temporarily raise its priviledges and then lower it after completion...

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