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can some one estimate the price of my pc ?

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i have the pc with the following config : iwant all u people ..to tell me what will the total value of a brand new pc with this config and also ..its resale value if i sell it to some close friend ,relative or any other person but not in some computer shop..even a cybercafe will do !!

do remember -its current value and resale value both !!

intel P4 2.47 ghz with 1 MB L2 cache
512 MB DDR RAM .
HIS 845 -GVML motherboard..with AGP
80 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm HDD(arond 2-3 years of warranty left )
128 mb Graphics card from Nvidia GeForce MX 4000..
Sony QW -120A Dual Layer DVD writer.
LG 52x cd rom.
3 com 10/100 mbps lan card
Ibox cabinet..
samsung laser mouse and X-tech keyboard
LG Studioworks 700E 17" CRT monitor
Adcom 2.1 speakers 2100 wattPMPO .with sub woofer..and great sound .for music.

all this ..has been used for..1 and half year..expect for DVD WRITER and mouse (3 mnths old ) ..and many other components are under warranty of 12-18 months ...
so please tell me the current value(for such brand new pc)..i knw no one would buy such a crap config for brand new..pc but still and also its re-sale value..

why isnt anyone replying whats the matter guys ???please reply..its been 8 hrs i ve posted this..
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