Can I use a standard mtnl router model + my own router to connect to MTNL?


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I have very little networking experience, and I'm pretty sure this should work, but I want to confirm before I purchase a router.

What i want to do is use the standard mtnl model (450tc1) + a decent router to connect to MTNL. Is this possible or will I run into issues I don't know about.

I have a couple of questions about this.

1) I think I have nat table issues. When simply browsing, i get great ping (>30 ms and usually >20ms.) While torrenting, it jumps up to 100-200 ms. Would that be resolved with having a better router, or would I need to upgrade the modem component of it as well?

2) What router do you recommend? It's a medium sized house and my current D-Link 2730U pretty much provides me with sufficient coverage.
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