can anybody tell me best horoscope software

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Broken In
hi friends
i need ur help. i need a best most accurate or u can say closest to reality horoscopic software. can anybody of u tell me name of that software. it may tell future, about the person nature and janampatri etc.....thanks buddy for trying and paying attention....bye have a nice day


In the zone
Why don't u go to a fortuneteller instead???? There is no such thing called reality horoscopes....


Right off the assembly line
I can't say that kundli pro is the best horo-soft. I used 'leo' and can rate it better than kundli. so, use both of them and then decide ur self which one is best.


Cyborg Agent
Hey common do u really believe this?How can a software programmed by some people tell u your future?DO the programmers know ur future.
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