Call Of Duty 5 Confirmed and trailer is out

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I didn't like modern war
hope to see a good WW 2 or some post apocalyptic setting


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Old story, I think its set in the Pacific theater this time around. I just hope Treyarch don't make a mess of it though IW should have been actually given the work. Well maybe CoD6 will be :p


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Thats just some fan made stuff and not official trailer.It is even mentioned in the description.
Please check the information before posting.

It is being developed by Treyarch(Creators of CoD 3) who IMO are nowhere near infinity ward.


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Pacific theater has been confirmed for COD5 although Europe will also be featured. The trailer shows off the Japanese Kamiakze tactic which will be an integral part of the gameplay.

Even though IW is not developing the game, Treyarch is using the COD4 engine.


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It is muti-platform according to Wikipedia.And it should be I mean Treyarch had earlier made COD3 console exclusive.So this time there is no way PS3 would be left alone with it coming to PC & 360.Simple logic.;)


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It is going to be multiplatform. I think that trailer was sourced some how through MS thats y shows windows and xbox only (read this in neowin).
A better quality (hd) trailer is available from
Also, I think the game is not called cod5. Its gonna be called something like COD:World at War.
I will get this game as I love COD games, but not too excited about it. Why did they have to go back to WW!


Well I didn't checked the link but saw the video and it has made me skeptic about it. No mention of Infinity Ward anywhere, not theatrical as expected. infact to me the video looks like a fan made one using FMVs from Call of Duty 2 and MOH-Airborne. Watch is sharply to analyze yourself. As far as the game is concerned, be it modern or WW2 scenario, the COD always rocks the ballz off! :D


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I always like COD when compared to MOH.Also WWII scenario was awesome in COD 2 when we play as Pvt.Vasili Koslov.Reminded me the movie Enemy at the Gates


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^ the trailer was too small to convince anyone.but that link and others show that this might be a great game.i really loved COD3-4 and i hope this one's great as well


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No mention of Infinity Ward anywhere
They arent making the game. Its being made by Treyarch (the guys behind COD 3).
Activision wants to release 1 cod game every year. So treyarch and infinity yard would work simultaneously and release a cod game alternatively.
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