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^^ is it possible to make dust filters? i am not aware of that. yes i will see allodum's recommendation.

just checked out the 690 II advanced. i like the case. but it does not have usb3 :(

Yes it is possible. Heres a link for e.g or google it for various other ways to do it.
DIY PC Dust filter Lanboy air - YouTube

Or you can order,but Im not aware whether its available in India though.

Its very easy to make one. Use AC Dust filters they work great too.The ones from Hitachi Mitsubishi and Daikin especially.


^^ +1
I think Incinerator had recently advised another member on another thread.
@@Incinerator: it may help him if you can link back the other thread :)


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Many thanks for referring that case @aloodum@inciniator

CM 690 II advanced usb3 version>corsair 400R>haf 912 Combat

that is what i have decided. if price are reasonable that is priority order. 690IIadv usb3 is tagged 5.2 in mdcomputers
Look wise i like the haf912 ,featurewise 400R, 690II adv seems blend of both. I like it.

@incintor yes i would like to get that link.

dust filters are quite cheaper. i thought they would be costlier.I think its better and cheaper to add those later where possible.

also do you know any indian case modder supplier site or shop(kolkata)?
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