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hi guys,
i want to build a rig with core 2 duo

please help me, i want the following details for getting it in hyderabad

1: price of core2duo6300 in hyderabad
2:availability in particular area in hyderabad
3:and the shop's accurate address

i am in urgent in getting these details

i also want to take mainboard asus p5b vm

help me....,...,......


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have u all ppl gone ...nuts !!!
core 2 duo e6300 available for 9-9.5 k..and the one for 16-17 k is E6600 with 4 mb l2 cache...


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tech_mastermind said:
$2,189.00 - eBay (About Rs 90,000)

Hey man don't know the price in Hyderabad and availability.
what kind of a joke is this?
must have "accidentally" added an extra numeral at the end of each figure..
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