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[By Demand] November 2005 DVD+CD

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 MacManiac
1) Anna Kournikova on cover page
2) Knoppix live CD latest version I guess it is 3.8.1. I have 3.6 and besides being a live CD it is my best RESCUE DISK.
3) NeroLINUX
4) Java SDK for Linux
5) Debian Sarge


The pWnster
Plz include

Macromedia Director Mx 04

Macromedia Fireworks Mx 04

Macromedia Freehand Mx 04

Adobe Arcobat Professional 7.0

Maya Unlimited 6.0



Tux Fan
:arrow: Hi res wall papers
:arrow: Classic Basic Games free
:arrow: Quake III Arena Rocket Arena 3 Full Install
:arrow: ASCII Code Generator
:arrow: Macromedia Fireworks Mx 04
:arrow: Digit disc archive for searching
:arrow: good examples to learn flash anim frm.
:arrow: video reviews and tuts.

[long list?] :lol:


Hi Raaabo ,

I request you one thing

Please include the archive of your DVD's and Cd's of the last one year in the November DVD

this is becuase if we need to search for a software is becomes a problem

Kindly please give an eye on it

i want skins of Jet Audio



In the zone
I want,
A full animated movie like Lionking or Beauty & the Beast [Please both Hindi]
AVI2DVD 0.3.1
Nero 6 Whole Suite[Express,Nerovision,Multimedia]
AND A Windows XP Pro Language Interface Pack of Hindi,Marathi!
Please Sir, grant all this!
Sir, I won't mind if you will provide one of the two movies!
And also please try to include past issues of Skoar!
And last Sir, please please please please include Nero 6 suite!!!


In the zone
java softwares and ebooks....
aoe III demo....
yahoo 7....
norton 2006 beta....
nvidia forceware drivers.....
solaris 10... free download for sun.com///


Commander in Chief
FC4 had been given a couple of months b'fore...

Plz, give Adobe Acrobat Pro 7

Flash/Dreamweaver Update Packs

Good Music trax

Winamp SKINS

Nvidia Geforce Drivers

Nero 7 Deluxe

Java SDK New Version plz

Fireworks Mx

If u Can make a space for my request in dvd or in cd....

then Add some visual basic and vc++ books,(For advance users)
and some good wallpapers with bigger resolution ie 1600 x 1200

Thats it........


In the zone
-> 200+ wallpapers of celebs, scenery, animals
-> Skins of Maxthon, and other skinnable browsers
-> small and playable freeware games (graphics must be smooth)
-> Latest anti virus definations of Norton, AVG and others.
-> Good tutorials to learn Photoshop, PHP, Flash, Visual Basic etc (PDFs)
-> & Essentials like Acrobat Reader7, IrfanView, WinZip, etc


--i want many wallpapers
--many gud winamp an wmp skins
--Macromedia Director Mx 04
--Cool themes for firefox

tats all i can remember now

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
-SUSE latest version
-High Resolution Bollywood Actresses and Nature wallpapers
-Latest AVG Virus definitions
-Mario Games as much as possible
-And rest what u want to put :D
>> Microsoft Vista
>> Macromedia Studio 8 (Including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash) - Legal Beta Version
>> Doom III: RoE [Demo]
>> Digit CD/DVD Archive for all the issue of the year
>> Wallpapers and icons for Matrix, Terminator, Lord of the Rings


Broken In
Please include more things in digital lessuire
Funny movies, High resolution wallpapers (all your wallpapers are not that great)

I want some fun
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