[By Demand] May 2008 DVD/CD

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I'm skipping past the April 2008 by demand thread because it was too late anyway - though any requests you include in this thread over the next 3 days might be fulfilled.

At least you can start demanding for the May 2008 issue earlier than ever before, so go wild!


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Yay first Post!
Anyway, List:
1. Cheatbook Database(Latest Version)
2. America's Army v2.8.3 OR the 2.8.2 to 2.8.3 upgrade pack
3. Good game demos not foolish/reeealy old full versions


I guess ppl shud start asking for June as well. It is going to be the special issue after all.

For my demands, please refer to my post in the Feb thread, they need to be fulfilled yet:)


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>>>>>>>>>>>>> My Wish List For April 2008 Issue <<<<<<<<<<<<<

MAke The Cover DVD Adobe Special

Adobe premiere CS3

Adobe Golive CS3

Adobe Encore DVD 2

Adobe After Effects CS 3

Adobe Acrobat 3D 8.x

Adobe CS3 Master Collection

Adobe Contribute CS3


TuneUp Utilities 2008

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer v8 for Windows XP 8.0 Beta 1
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer v8 for Windows Vista 8.0 Beta 1

Sysinternals Suite Build 02/28/08

RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.2.1

SharpE 0.8 TD4 R2
Complete shell replacement for Windows

Vistapack XP 2.3 Beta
Shell pack based on the XPize installer
AVG Anti-Virus Professional 8.0.xxxxx

Tor for Windows RC
Tor for Mac OS X RC
Tor for Unix RC

Vidalia for Windows 0.0.16
Control panel for Tor

Xero Bank Browser

Revo Uninstaller 1.50
Uninstall utility with many cleaning tools included

FreeBSD 7.0 ( Please provide the iso only - Don't make the dvd bootable
as this cause a lot of problems.

Sysinternals Suite Build 02/26/08

Notepad++ 4.8

WebLog Expert Lite 5.2 Beta 2
Feature rich web server log analyzer


New Gen Web Guru
Please give any full version software that can extract contents from Bad and scratched CD & DVD... (Except IsoBuster)


The Frozen Nova
Fast Track to VB Scripting
Themes for Windows Vista
ESET Smart Security
Vista Sidebar Gadgets
Game Trailers


A Fast Track on Wireless Networks like Ad-Hoc, OLSR protocol demystified, Wireless security and an article in the mag itself for users who just ported or want to port from Windows to Linux and the Linux for this purpose and as always "WE WANT MORE GAMES";)


Yes, a good fast track on programming language or networking.

Also publish fasttrack on 3DS Max or Maya in ur future issues.

abhay kumar

Right off the assembly line
Article -
Please publish an detailed article on 'How to earn from internet' including website address, any special procedure and applicable fee if any.

Software -
All format video converter specially VCD and DVD to MP4, Divix and 3gp
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1. FIFA Manager 08 DEMO
2. New star soccer 3 trial (10 mb) from www.newstarsoccer.com and its commentry update (45 mb) from http://www.nssunplugged.com
3. Internet explorer 8
4. cheatbook database 2008
5. Total commander ultima prime 3.5
6. all major antivirus update
7. SPSS 15
8. linux and mac os software
9. NHL 08 DEMO
10. Digit archieve update (Please)


And all its patches On CD

Because ur DVD is not


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fasttrack to VC# plz plz plz..... Dexters laboratory toon-series in DVD (if not in april or may... make this possible in ur june anniversary issue) ...
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