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[By Demand] March 2009

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Always confused
^^Slackware ? :lol:

WHO do you think would be able to use that in the target audience ?
What next ? Bring in Gentoo, CRUX and Linux From Scratch into the Discs.

Don't scare the readers. :lol:

Digit is for guys like Ram Mohmmad Singh Joseph, not for linux geeks. Thats what I heard till yesterday. :D

dude...why do you under estimate others?
dude...why do you under estimate others?

I just said that slackware might be a bit too harsh as a first distro for most average readers. But yeah, most ppl say that installing and using it can really TEACH you linux and mastering it would mean mastering all distros. But I feel doing it is like learning all advanced functions of MS Excel. Doable, but not something simple.


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Windows Automated Installation Kit - Please do add this
Dreamweaver CS4

Comodo Internet Security (32-bit) 3.8.61948.459 Beta
Comodo Internet Security (64-bit) 3.8.61948.459 Beta
Google Chrome Full Installer
Win7codecs 1.0 Beta
VirtualBox for Windows 64-bit AMD Processors 2.1.2
Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate
Automize for Windows 8.16
Automize for Linux 8.16
Automize for Mac OS 8.16
LimeWire for Windows 5.0.9 Beta
Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Full Installer
ClrMamePro 3.122b
Super Utilities Professional 9.4
FastStone Image Viewer 3.7
R-Studio 4.6 Build 127535

ICopyDVDs2 Standard Edition
PULPceiver iTV 0.2.3
SysTrayX 4.00.135 Beta
SolSuite 2009 9.0
Dooble 0.04a
RasterVect 14.3
Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition
phpMyAdmin 3.1.2
Revo Uninstaller 1.80
AnyDVD HD Beta
BDV Notepad 5.2
RemoveIT Pro v4
WildBit Viewer 5.3
Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper
^^There are several hundreds of free GFDL'ed ebooks available to learn linux. I think Digit can make a compilation of them and give in DVD.

But yeah, I strongly feel that it would be much much more benificial to have hard copies. These local street pirates make illegal copies of Harry Potter books and sell them for Rs. 40, but nobody is ready to make legal copies of UbuntuGuide and sell for Rs. 80. :(


It's true Im not confused
There are several of them on the net, but one on PRINTED PAPER would be helpful for several newbies on dialup/without printers - An Idiots Guide to installing Ubuntu/Mandriva/Mint/Fedora could be put up in a handful of pages to help newbies dualboot distros with windows. Also include partitioning instructions.

Mereko yehich chahiye

I am quite a n00b in linux but I really want to use it

Goku DBZ

Right off the assembly line
KGB archiver
A free IP Address hiding Software
More Software in Essentials Section
Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP and Vista

BlueVoda Website Builder
More Games
Dragon Ball Z demo and free games:-D
Little Fighter 2 Dragon Ball Z mod
Digit Archive 2.0:confused:
More Mods
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Right off the assembly line
my demand is the "dfreeze" the disk management tool i want this software and pls give some information hw 2 use it!!!!

pls give da link for dfreeze-- disk management tool and any more links for a handybook so dat i can figure it how it works out!!!!!!
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First of all Windows 7 (A must in march issue)

Ubuntu 8.10 (64-bit)
OpenSUSE 11.1 (64-bit)

and why dont u guys keep a small section in ur DVD's (50-100 MB) for 64-bit applications....


King of my own Castle
1)Linux Mint
2)Burnout Game PC demo.
3)Call of Duty(World at War Demo)
And all the Latest Drivers and updates.

And please include Acronis True Image 10 which is now Free.
Please include any India related movie in free movie section.
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