[By Demand] March 2005 Digit DVD

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well what about a section on Mobile Software where u can put PC Suite for Many Mobiles.. I'd like to have PC Suite for my 3660.. 21 MB.. takes lotza time to downlod on my dial-up..

Why not u can also put them for some other Mobiles too..


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Being hacker I am really astonished with stuff of KAV. It is really boss of all antiviruses. Tricking Norton is like tricking a child but you can’t beat Kav easily. I want Digit shall add latest version or updates of Kav in its essential section. Norton takes about 10 hrs to update on my dialup even then it cannot detect some of my great creations of Trojans. I don’t know what they are doing with size of Norton which is so big compared to size of KAV of about 10 MB and works more efficiently than Norton.
Last words from hacker:
Don’t ever waste money even in buying a pirated CD of Norton because it will give you false sense of security. Go for KAV (don’t forget to keep it updated).



@cool_dude_prav : I will want Gentoo too, but u must realize that its damn difficult to compile - i have compiled it myself. it doesnt have any graphical installer or stuff. Read the handbook to find more....



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Yep...i agree SuSE was provided b4 as well but tat was a Personal edition which is nothing compared to the Professional edition.
n Professional edition is now available for FREE download..:)

btw, one more demand... :lol:
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hey BYTE
i found out some more coool games tht we would like to have . like

mafia demo 244 mb from GIGEX
conflict vietnam demo about 250 mb from (the donload link) Download Conflict Vietnam
and check out Adventure Games to download coll games like arabian nights and arthus knights (runs on low eb PC also)
For arthus knights Link

Thnx and could be plz disclose contents of FEB DVD


wait for only a week more to get the full contents of Digit Feb DVD

How about some bandwidth monitoring softwares, with low CPU & memory usage, which can provide U the download & upload bandwidth for a month or so

Also it's been a long time digit gave any system benchmarking softwares, like Sandra or memtest86, plz provide the latest version of a few, since digit has already given 3DMark05 I don't think any other graphical benchmarking application is needed

Latest version of ACDSee Powerpack, nero, & Trial version of NVDVD, which is freely available, good for those having GeForce 6 series gfx card with PureVideo

A quick test & buyers guide for UPS would be a good article in the near future

EDIT: If possible plz include the common used softwares for mobile phones, like Nokia Phone manager, SE File manager, Samsung file manager, all of the official softwars, it will help a lot


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Hello Sir

Include Linuxfromscratch book ie lfs,blfs,nlfs,hints & Files which is required to build linux are listed in book & site and downloaded freely.

A live CD of LFS is also available at their Site {optional}




I agree with mepappu. I wanted to try LFS for quite a long time bnut couldnot becoz i cant download soo many packages :(
So, can digit provide the packages with a PDF copy of the book ?
Thanks. Let us make our own distros too, then digit can distribute them.. ;) Or hole some kinda contest or something...?



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I agree too with mepappu & rohandhruva .Give LFS and Then you don't have to ask for linux distros for distrubution , Digit user give their own distro

:wink: :D :lol: :eek: :)




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Hello Digit Team,
While including linux apps , i request you to include xine movie player for linux with all the libraries.
and movie players for linux.
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