[By Demand] June 2008 7th Anniversary Special

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^^ buddy u should have complaint and u would have got a replacement .

cyberlink power dvd 8
latest divx player
xp sp3
spybot search and destroy :- latest
klite codec full

some great hollywood movies .........no bollywood movie

will list more
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It happens b'coz the Disk jewel case is of poor quality. I always gets the disk displaced from its lock hold of the case for the mag. which I buy for my book stall.

So DIGIT Team, plz remove the case and provide simple round-type small plastic cases which can hold a single DVD, which also reduces the cost.


Please no bollywood movies.
A good fasttrack on any programming language like vb, c, java, etc
And ofcourse working DVDs(Most of ur DVDs doesn't work)


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lots of small games, antivirus and please include this time the plastic cases which you people dont provide on Anniversay
the round cd covers are hard enough to spoil the dvd, those who are buying the digit will know the value of these plastic jewel cases. which you normally provide.
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What if I receive faulty DVD even after complaining? That has been the case for me.
When you end up at this road, there is also a phone number given in the mag complaint section if I remember correctly, a simple phone call will fix problems most of the time.

And people, instead of complaining here about the previous contents, just as the OP says, demand away, please!!


Hey Digit People, Include the SP3 ISO in the DVD for June if you are not done with the discs yet!

And crazy as this may sound, can you strike a deal with the people who made Agni, the mallika arora game adn include it. It would be great PR for them if you can. And we would be happy to have an indian game for a change, even though it might end up toturing us.
If that is not possible, try to include its demo version.

If possible try to include Fedora 9 though this can be discounted considering that it would be released on may 13.
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I really want Fast Track to Photoshop
I missed the issue in 06, and I've heard it's a good way to learn Photoshop.
(If its not possible to make a Fast Track copy, please include this guide to photoshop in the cd or dvd)

I also want some software which converts my Java programming code into an executable (.exe) file.

I would like some information on Java programming, especially GUI.


The Frozen Nova
Themes for Vista
SP3 for Windows XP
TuneUp Utilities 2008
Portable Apps. I would really love if you integrate it with the launcher. 1 Click and boom :)
Sidebar Gadgets
PDFs for Digit and Fasttrack since June-2007
Freewares, freewares ..
Templates for Office 2007

Instead of those Ashampoo bundles, can we get a KIS bundle.

7 DVDs - It is the 7th anniversary special - The Seven Wonders :D

Jodha Akbar - If you plan to give out a movie


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Here are the "Demands":):)

1. Fast Track To Animation.

2. Windows XP Customization Utilities- Icons, Themes, Crystal XP Themes, Stylish & All Category Fonts.

3. Some Free Albums of Peaceful & Fresh Music - Like - "Samadhi". If Possible, Indian Classical Music. We are bored of those Rock & JaZZ Albums.

4. A Complete Article on "LINUX" including software installation , internet connection, linux customization etc... & include Linux Resources- Themes, Fonts, Icon Packagers, useful freewares & utilities.

5. If you are giving movie DVDs Then give- "Taare Jammen Par" or "Jodhaa Akbar".

6. Motherboard & Processor Shootout in this isuue Please! Tell us What's up in this category & what about core 2 quad.

7. Since this is the seventh anniversary, include DVDs like december issue related to every topic l- Gaming, Computing, Personal Tech, Linux etc....

At last, Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary!!!



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1. Fast Track TO C/C++
2. PLs Provide Freewares..........Only Free Softwares in the DVD


FT to 7 different programming languages(in 7 different books) and name it 7 wonders of the world...
A 3d Game Development Programme(Full version) + open source fighting games from sourceforge.net

You can dedicate this issue to sourceforge.net softwares there are tons of full and free software there
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