[By Demand] July 2005 DVD

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abe, how many of U even use linux properly, we want FC4 we want FC4, 98% just install it, see it & then remove it as no driver support, Digit better give something else usefull, like some tutorials for Flash or Flash MX 2004 insted of another Linux, U have already given a lot of linux distros

My requirment
divX Create bundle


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dont discourage ppl.. if u dont use.. dosent mean no 1 else does.. ok.. just give ur own demand.. and Ssshhhh...


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Want Fedora DVD Bootable

Fedora Core 3 has DVD bootable linux distributions which includes everuthing (documentation, source code,..). But you've already provides Fedora core 3 as iso images on a DVD. I want their next version from Digit in a DVD bootable format. Is is possible?


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What's the use of all this shouting and demanding...........

Does digit listen to this?

Hey, can anyone of the TEAM DIIGT member clarify their stand on this?


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I would love to see this 52 MB Quake 4 movie in next issue.

Here's the link :



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busyanuj said:
Windows 2003 Service Pack 1

and Solaris 10 (if possible).

I shall burn it for you, just send me the blank CDs. You can also download it from Sun website for free. Only you need to register. Digit is not going to given Solaris 10 any time in the near future, becuase Sun Licence Agreement does not allow it. I downloaded it from the net and it took more than a month for all the 4 cds. I know the agony of waiting and for such good software, it is worth waiting. I would be more than pleased to share what I have got.

Though I finished downloading S10 more than a month ago, I am yet to install it. I am not sure whether all the four CDs work or not. And also, I should mention that Solaris was not written for x86 systems, so don't expect very good support for hardware devices.

p.s. Just make sure u register with and accept the licence terms with Sun.


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khandu said:
yeah pzl get the fedora core DVD ISO and also for x64 edition.. cause many ppl own an AMD machine now..

Ya please include the 64 bit edition too! And if its on DVD, its better!


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Sorry people we could not include Fedora Core 4 this time, but we'll insure its there on the August Issue. However some real nice goodies are there on July Issue, which would be posted soon in the relevant thread.


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Windows XP x64 !!!!

Digit Archive pdf

Norton Update

Norton Ghost.....ISO

plz... include these this time


Please put the Painkiller 1.6.1 patch in the July DVD and the Painkiller 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 patches in the August DVD (this post was also made at the August DVD by demand thread)

Thank you very much.

Sreekanth V

:) Hello,
I humbly request the following Authoring software Collection.

01. :arrow: Ulead DVD Movie factory 4
02. :arrow: Ulead CD& DVD Picture Show 3
03. :arrow: Ulead DVD workshop 2
04. :arrow: Nero Vision Express Template package I & II
05. :arrow: Nero Photoshow Elite 1.01
06. :arrow: Nero 6 Update packages
07. :arrow: Able Photo Slide Show
08. :arrow: 1st Photo To DVD Slideshow Burner
09. :arrow: Photodex Proshow Gold 2.5
10. :arrow: Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5
11. :arrow: Microsoft Photo Story free
12. :arrow: Video Edit Magic
13. :arrow: Photo2VCD Professional
14. :arrow: Ulead Photo Express 4.0
15. :arrow: SlideShow pro

Dont feel horrible :!:
All the above are very selective softwares. :D
Among them the 8th one is the most important. 8)
I request you to give all these in one Special catogory.

Thank you for reading this :!:


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All mozilla products like firefox,thunderbird...and all their plugins and addons.

All free php,perl and cgi scripts


602LAN SUITE 2004.0.05.0623
EVEREST Home Edition 2.01.369 Public Beta
IAB Studio Enterprise Edition 3.6
River Past Wave@MP3 2.2 (New)
HijackThis 1.99.1
Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0.613 Beta
Developer's Assistant 1.3
Miranda IM
Ares Galaxy FasterDownload 2.2
DirectX SDK 9.0c Update - June 2005
dBpowerAmp Music Converter 10.0 (last freeware version) with all plugins
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