[By Demand] January 2005 Digit DVD / CD

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What do you want to see on the January 2005 Digit DVD? What will make your new year truly Happy?

We've started the January 2005 DVD already, so post all requests here.

Please do not start new threads regarding feedback or requests for the DVD / CD. This thread will be open until December 5th only, so hurry with your demands!



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I'd like to have Debian packages of GNOME 2.8 ... plus GTK themes (especially Mac) of GNOME from freshmeat.net
this wont take more than 200 MB ... i dunno its size actually


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@GNU - Are there free online books , pdfs etc for linux and other open source stuff for novice and advanced users . if so give the link here . there was an interesting interview video of RMS in LFY . if u have any links of these and more videos pls post it on this thread so that digit can give them by jan .

as for jan issue to have a linux themed cd and supplementary issue if possible . " 2005 Year of Linux " kinda stuff .

plus updates for most "freeware" utilities like virtual dub , flaskmpeg etc , which most users have already . u can include plugins , addons . and more


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@klinux, yes there are a lot of free ebooks available from the internet... I especially like the docs available from Linux Documentation Project.

As for that interview video of RMS, actually it was shot by us when he came to TIFR last year only. We have also produced/compiled FreeDoc CD. that is distributed by FSF - India .... Its a 300MB CD that contains all the Free Documentation (free as in beer and free speech) available from TLDP and other sites...

Raaabo, i can send the Freedoc CD to you if you want to have a look at it. We could work towards making the Jan issue a Linux special issue.... complete with lotsa themes and distributions... and featuring all the Free/Open Source alternatives available... I can help digit team with this...


there should be a separate thread for what not to be included .. :D :lol:

To start with I dont want that Ragnarok CD again to make its ugly appearance even inside the DVD ROM :evil: :evil:


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Please include latest free versions of Anit-virus (Like AVG), personal firewall, adware/apyware removers and the latest virus definitions and updates of anti-virus softwares 8)


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Please try to include the demo of "Chrome" game "http://chromethegame.com

Its FPS high graphic game. surely worth trying. :lol: :lol:


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FC3 comes in 5 CD's ? Correct me if i am wrong . How will they give all 5 ISO's ? Or a special separate DVD of Linux for JAN 2005 ?


Here I go

Latest linux kernel
Latest selinux patch
MDK 10 3 ISO :D one more vote
You did give us FreeBSD but what about ports? Can’t you get those ports? Freebsd.org/ports


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It is good for me if u give all wallpapers of actress,actors and movies from
indiafm.com. WP provided by indiafm are of high quality.

This way I will have one good reason to buy Digit! :lol:

If this is not possible then, i would like to see these items

-> Beautiful Opera7 skins
-> WindowsXP themes, StyleXP themes..
-> PDFs of old SKOAR, PDFs of yrs old CHIP Specials like VC++ and others
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