[By Demand] Fast Track Topics

Which of the following topics would you like a Fast Track on?

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Right off the assembly line
Which one of the topics mentioned in the poll would you like to get as a Fast Track. If the topic you want is not listed in the poll, please post and request it.

C++ has been apparently overpowered by JAVA, so better JAVA than C++; but I and many others strongly recommend Photoshop as many are other who're not much into it and it has got loads of features, so photoshop is my suggestion as every1 is nt a programmer like me and u...!!!

It might appear bit foolish but how u add an avatar or pic 2 your profile (m not asking abt albums) and how to add signature to the forum line.. it seems i want a fast track to digit forum...
but help me out plzzzzzzzzzzz................


Right off the assembly line
hey plz give us a fast track on
1.photoshop cs3/4
4.history of computing and anecdotes from the world of IT(for those preparing for TCS IT WIZ)


Right off the assembly line
core java,
adv java(J2ME)(with scope in coming days),
linux programming,
java fx,
java ME,


Right off the assembly line

I would request you to give Fast Track to Photoshop Advanced with more "workshops" and "tutorials"...like the last time you've given us to make effects like Vista's Glass Effect and some cool text effects like the "Text go BOOM" one.....
please add some more of like this. Thanks.................

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In the zone
IMO,C languages should not be given.Why?Because these are massive languages and within a single small book,it's difficult to make it successful...

Give about Visual Basic,Advanced Photoshop...


Right off the assembly line
Hello all
iam not sure iam writing in a correct place,iam a digit member from iran,my August issue did not have the Fast track to css, and i just asked them to include the item in my next order,can any body help me with pdf version of Fast track to css in august.
and upload it somewhere and link to me
i cant wait to finish my project with HTML & CSS with help of fast track to CSs
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