[By Demand] Fast Track Topics

Which of the following topics would you like a Fast Track on?

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Right off the assembly line
the most interesting fastrack i ever read was on photoshop. in fact i read the ebook version included in archives of one of your previous issue. it was very informative and admirably to the point, no useless jargon no diverting stories and really no boring history. it had just the info one requires and that too in just 180 pages. it really made me the photo master of troupe and guess what all photography and editing tasks of upcoming events were referred to me, it really earned me much respect. thanks digit.


Broken In
Can storage topics be covered on fast track ? Various Storage Devices, their issues, troubleshooting disk failures,working with scratch discs, best practices to store data in portable and non-portable media. etc ?

techo dude

Right off the assembly line
how a bout fast track to windows 7 and at the end of the year 2010 re visit Fast track to windows 7 tips, tricks and serets.


A fast track on Photo shop Very very advanced.

In which only advance tips and tricks should be included. A tutorial type for various effects/special effects and post processing.

Nikhil Prabhakar

Right off the assembly line
splendid, cant wait to have ma hands on nov issue:shock::-?:p:-o:razz::oops:
Posted again:
ya, i forgot that, python is another great topic. i giv ma 1st preference to PyTHON:oops:
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Right off the assembly line
hi! I want you to include Autodesk Maya 2010 Materials or tuturials in fast track and a little about portable hard drives which can be used on both Windows and Mac or any other O.S. Thank You!


Right off the assembly line
please include php with postgresql (as both are completely free)

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Video Tutorials for Web Developments like
Hosting a Website from your OWN PC.
Installing WebServers .

is this included in feb ?

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Video Tutorials for Web Developments like
Hosting a Website from your OWN PC.
Installing WebServers .

is this included in feb ?


Broken In
Dear Team Digit,
Fast Track To:

1) Python (CPython & IronPython.NET)
2) GUI Programming in Linux (GTK and others)
3) Snow Leopard
4) Networking (generic format and its implementation in different OSes)
5) Career Guidance
6) Different Aptitude Tests for all the streams or specifically IT and how to crack them.
7) BASH Scripting

I don't have to say this, but I would like to make a point. People follow you (me included), so Digit team always has the power to influence us whatever they do. Please consider point 5 and 6 specially. Because, when I was in college, I didn't have anyone to guide me. I am in IT sector right now and still waiting for my dream, let alone fulfilling it. Please guide the others who seek help. You have done it in the past, but I would like to request once again in the Fast Track compilation.

Thanks in advance!


What would be Good?
awssome poll
I want a linux part two too.

I select all programming languages (non gui ones) because they rarely change.

And yes, a fast track to GIMP would be AWSSOME. Everyone can become a pro image editor if only there were good offline books on GIMP.
Yeah Fast Track to GIMP would be a good idea. ++

OR Maybe Fast Track to QT using C++ would be an enhancement to the Fastback to C++


way to Future
I would like a Fast Track on Visual Studio 2008 or 2010. It will cover most of the topics listed above.


Right off the assembly line
i am engg student @ i am interested in programming languages but not in c++.....so plz try for java /php/html.......


Wise Old Owl
I would like to see Fast Track on GIMP,Mobile Browsing,Symbian OS,Windows 7,Wired And Wireless Home Network,Ubuntu,Firefox..........:grin:


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an update to this digit.

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uh... sorry about the image size.
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