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[By Demand] Digit September 2007

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Lots and lots and lots of Excellent graphical and fantasy wallpapers !!!
please please !!
thank you !!

also few extra pages in digit magazine with more cool articles and tweaks


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Anna Kournikova on Cover Page !!!
Anna Kournikova on Cover Page !!!
Anna Kournikova on Cover Page !!!
please please

Anna Kournikova on Cover Page !!!


Om Ma Ni Pä Me Hum
if not anna atleast sania mirza ...
fast track on azax , dot net , java ..... some programming language
fast track or tutorial for video editing and music editing

some audio ebooks.... hp


Lazy fat guy..
Gutenberg CDs
Intervideo WinDVD 8 Platinum
Ulead Photoimpact 12
Ulead VideoStudio 11
RealPlayer 11
Nero 7 (latest)


Right off the assembly line
neoSearch 1.00 ::: a 100% better tool than google desktop search

this was developed by my friend koshy and is available for public now.
he developed it as part of his mini project... execptional handy tool you must have..

- Lets you find files and folders on your system as you type in your query.
- If you've not used it b4, its simply amazing.
- It works on Windows Vista/2003/XP (tested) and has a Vista like interface on all operating systems!
- No performance drop like with Google Desktop and others....:p

Size: 345 KB
Download time: 2 to 43 seconds
Average downloads per day: 7

Get it now!!! >>> http://koshyjohnuk.blogspot.com/

Quick preview? check these screenshots out:
http://koshyjohnuk.googlepages.com/neosearch.jpg - main window
http://koshyjohnuk.googlepages.com/nS2.jpg - options screen
http://koshyjohnuk.googlepages.com/nS3.jpg - Indexing engine transparent bubble
http://koshyjohnuk.googlepages.com/nS4.jpg - Tray icon control


Terminator 202
Nero 7 Premium 7.10.1
AuoPatcher Vista
MS Visual Studio 2005 SP1 general
MS Visual Studio 20008 beta2

Vista Drivers for all popular peripherals
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Right off the assembly line
how abt giving solaris or red hat latest version or mandriva

it will really be very helpful to us

and we will be really be very thankful to you


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Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors.


http://stellarium.sourceforge.net/ - 35MB


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cybr.3d said:
something on ethical hacking

Man this demand of your took me into my flashback. A couple of years ago I purchased Ankit Fadia's Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking, and I must tell you that it has destroyed my life completely. Its so misleading its got so much child like stuff and most copy&paste from other great books.
I think no book on hacking teaches you the the exact kind of hacking that you want ( the kind that I wanted to), but some great books will definitely guide you through some really great security tips that will help you.
Good luck for your Hacking Adventures.....

Please please Anna Kournikova on Cover Page!!!
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