[By Demand] Digit October 2006 DVD/CD

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"Digit at Finger Tips" hi,

I would like to see the mags soft copy in the CD/DVD every month.

I am tryin to develop a s/w that would help search the file(s) for certain keywords or phrases. I feel this is necessary because, I have a coolection of around 5yrs of Digit Hard Copy and its really a task when I have to search for a topic which "I remember reading in 'one of the digit issues' !!!"

You have done a Good thing by providing cut-like pages for the T&T etc..
But, wot I would like is an automated FAST search to the required content and infact comparisions between the related articles amongst the Digit issue itself.

What say friends? Doesn't it sounds compelling!!!
What are we waiting for then!!!!

This is a good proposal to think on.
Infact I would suggest you to build the Digit Article Archive 1.0 as you have come up with Digit CD/DVD Archive.


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Haven't been reading Digit for few months, however for next months fast track I would like to request "backup and recovery", (sorry I posted this topic in DVD/CD section) if this topic has not been covered earlier in FT.

Nishad Subba.


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@paul_007: That's my point. I wish my time was now...

@techno_adi: Good Idea...vaise bhi they have a lot of downtime till December
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Man id like Digit 2 give all good full free games from www.gamershell.com
n other sites

one more thing. i know u have provided Nexuiz <a full free game> in november 2005 dvd but the game features only deathmatch.At gamershell.com there is a new v-2.0 available for free it.It features 21 sigleplayer missions .plz provide it
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warcraft 3 maps,

can you give us some cool warcraft3 coustom maps, thanks, please don't give the maps that require the frozon throne patch, only the war3 maps please.


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Sum of da things i would like 2 c wud b

*New version of avast antivirus
*Some good game videos
*Winamp & Windows Media Player skins


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It's better if U incude more free softwares other than trials....Atleast include softwares which is mentioned in the magazine


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FatBeing said:
Um...wasn't it part of the Office 2007 Beta we gave out this month?

Word, Excel, powerpoint, Access, Infopath, publisher were in the Beta. don't see one note anywhere. Am I missing something?


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can you please review multifunctional (having TV and computer monitor functionality) displays like
Samsung Syncmaster 242MP
Samsung SyncMaster 730MP
and also the new power Mac

Neeraj Singh

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what about nero 7 help files???
Don't ask for vista beta again >>>>>>>>>>>>
It's not as good as it looks, neither is microsoft going to
distribute it freely.
Just forget about it

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