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harmax said:

Time for the next fedora to be released and as ever i dont think digit is going to spare some real estate on its free dvd for fedora 7.

Many people lik me donot hav the luxury of a 2MBps conn or even a 256kbps conn to download the iso's, SO why not digit download it for us and distribute DVD's? AND WE ( interested ones ) SHALL PAY FOR IT..

So wat u guys think?

Influential people in the forum kindly try to make this a sticky for the immediate future and get the attention of the digit bosses

Thanks in advance

fedora 7 dvd by digit, never in the dreams and more over it is being released in the last week of may so it would be not possible as by then issue would be ready.


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rajivnedungadi said:
All Freeware Programs
Lots of Full Version Programs
3 DVDs, 3 CDs as 3+3=6 and its the 6th Anniversary

1 Freeware Software DVD
1 Linux OS DVD
1 Movie DVD
1 Freeware CD
1 Full Game CD
1 Full Version Big Software CD

Please do not give PDFs of the issues on a separete disc, include them in the same disc

I too second this suggestion from Rajiv... Waiting for this wish to be granted :)

On the software front, would like to have one that helps manage a personal investment (Savings, Shares, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Taxes, etc.) portfolio better and would be great if it happens to be a freeware / open source... It's a pity that we do not have a good MSN Money / Quicken / similar ones customized for Indian market... If there is one available on this front, Digit has to bring that to us.


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Hi Digit,

You need to publish something special like this:
Fast Track to Java
Fast Track to VB 2005 Express Edition
Fast Track to C++
Fast Track to Motherboard Problems
Fast Track to Monitor Problems
Fast Track to Preventing Viruses
Also you need to publish a topic relating to why to prevent software cracks uses!

Hope you all guys understand what I mean.

Dhanu Saud


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----------My Wish List For June 2006 *Anniversary Issue*-----------

>>>>>+FIRST OF ALL WINDOWS 2003 SERVER SERVICE PACK 2 (32 Bit)+<<<<<<<<
You Should Add This. I am waiting this for a Loooooong time

AutoPatcher Vista April 2007

NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers for Windows Vista (32-bit)

XAMPP for Windows 1.6.1

VMware Workstation for Windows 6.0 Build 44426 RC

Ultimate Boot CD Full 4.0.3

TortoiseCVS 1.9.23

Opera for Windows 9.20 Build 8771

Pixel Mixer (PMX) 0.7.440 Alpha-Realtime motion graphics tool

DiscJuggler 6.00.1400 --- Duplicate multiple CDs at once

Microsoft Expression Blend 2.0 May Preview

Gunbound 5.70 - Worms-like game that is played with tanks

AVG Anti-Virus Free 7.5.xxxxxxx
Spyware Terminator
Arovax AntiSpyware 2.0.113
Hitman Pro RC1
Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06r1 (Updated)

SideSlide 2.1.00b
Advanced, dockable, highly configurable desktop extension

ObjectDock 1.9

The Dude 3.0 Beta 6
DirectX Redistributable April 2007


Right off the assembly line

We want
1.MAYA New version demo
2.Vista os (beta)
3.All new version softwares
kaspersky anti virus
5.Avast new virus update
6.Nero new version
7.Any linux os
8.Full games
9.Many softwares for multimedia
10.And digit 's favour........
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