[By Demand] - Digit February 2007

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Hi. This is not a relevant question but why can't you provide a comparison of airtel, reliance, sify, bsnl broadband in the magazine?



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They've already told you this thread is useless.

Anyways I hope for some Eye candy this time..
I want WinXP theme which looks like WinVista.


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I use this 100kb tool to copy data between PC's on same network and I get transfer rates of 30-40mbps (on a gigabit connection). Extremely simple interface.

File/Folder Transfer. (Very fast!)
RSA/Blowfish Encryption of communication data.
Host name (FQDN) support on Broadcast setup.
Specifying NIC extension.
Chat client.


Animatrix movies
Available for download @ (if they are allowed for redistribution of course)

CyberDefenderFREE 2.0 - The All-Free Internet Security Suite.
Available here : http://www.cyberdefender.com/products.html

Fan Movie of Star wars titled Star Wars:Revelations
Official Site:

Details R Here

From http://panicstruckpro.com/revelations/revelations_about.html

Revelations will be FREE for everyone to download (and hopefully enjoy) here online.

Give the DVD images if possible else the DivX, better than downloading the MOV or WMVetc

Webaroo's Wikipedia Webpack
(In a special issue considering its size)

~ Total Commander PowerPack
~ All Windows XP Powertoys from
~ Sabayon Linux (Whenever you want to give a distro - there's a full (DVD) and a light (CD) version)
~ Pinnacle Studio 10X demo (if available)
~ Any Free Game from
And Plz make a Fast track on MacOSX, CCNA, MSCE2003 or RHCE
(If any of this is included earlier u can ofcourse leave it out)
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why dont you provide tutorials for software like photoshop,graphics suitex3,painter etc...:cool:


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Sorry guys nothing so interesting issue for Jan 2007, so comments for further issue.

There is no such thing to be added by demand. Digit does by itself. He adds anything he liked. This month digit had added a lot but I have already used all of them.

Futher if digit is ready to burn the dics, please see public demands.

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If you listen to requests by users, you can include fedora core 6 dvd image!!
or suse 10.2 dvd image!!

include anyone of them please.


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pls include fedora core 6 or freespire. if possible pls include a DVD loaded with best linux distros like fedora core 6, ubuntu 6.10, mandriva and freespire.


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Yeah thats a great idea! However having used Freespire, it ain't so great as a Linux distro! Include distro's that give you a better out of the box experience supporting multimedia in a better way than other distro's.

Distro's like Ubuntu, Mandriva 2007, Open Suse 10.2, must be included!

I think a intro to some latest Linux distro would be a nice touch for the Open Source portion of the mag! like I mentioned above, it should be a distro that has the linux touch (unlike Linspire) and at the same time is efficient in terms of speed and variety in Software supporting all the basic needs that Microsoft OS's provide!


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Oh. yes. Solaris 10 is good option. The first India magazine to include solaris DVD (will it be the first?)
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