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[By Demand] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

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naveen_reloaded said:
If possible give all those above mentioned in a rewritable dual layer DVD's.:-D

Here's the same thing in my mind :D :p

BTW, Nero for vista is already included in Nov'07 issue.


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hi all
please give a networking tools for windows and linux. and fasttrack for netwoking. and try to give a 2 dual layer DVD on next month. please add some thing diff. for last issue of this year.

my Demand

please give the bootable DVD Extra.
Full version networking software.
Ebooks on C++ java VB .net


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microsoft office 2008 for mac

avast update

Digit Archive update

Winxp 64 bit edition trial (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/6...cts/trial.mspx)
[The Windows XP Professional x64 Edition trial software download is available at no charge. After you have completed the download registration process, you will receive an e-mail message with a link to the download page. The download page will include the download file and a product key for the trial software. The file will be in ISO format and must be burned to a CD or DVD before you can install the software on your computer.]

SPSS 15 trial (http://www.hearne.co.nz/download.php?id=344)
[One of the most popular downloads on the Softonic site continues to be SPSS, allowing you to make complex graphs and illustrations from statistical data. The package is mainly aimed at those that want to solve business and research problems and features a wide range of analytical functions that take the pain out of collating data.]

Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/files/ScratchInstaller.exe)


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My sincere suggestion is that Include ANY OF THE LINUX DITROS but add the Multimedia and gfx Drivers to them so that it will be very useful for people having no internet or on slow dial ups.


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PopCap (Adv. Lst Tmb)

Would be great if you can include "Adventures Lost Tomb" a brand new game from popcap. Its apporx. 40mb in size. I expect that the game will be as enjoyable as zuma, mummy maze from popcap.

I hope digit readers will definately enjoy playing this game (my self included).

Expecting to see it in the next month digit CD/DVD.

The dowload link for the game is


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You guys make include MP3 Player(I-POD_ tests in the December 2007 issue as the pen drive prices have dropped and there should be..


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I want a good english movie like The Matrix or Pirates of The Caribbean etc.
I don't mind if you ask me before deciding the movie DVD :)!


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Take it as a warning, suggestion or whatever you like.... But.....

Pay Special Attention While Packing & Shipping Those DVDs For December 2007 Issue.....

As I've got scartched DVd in this month again......

Also try to include Nvidia display driver and 3rd partyaudio-video codecs for linux


rajreena said:
why dont you add pendrive as a free gift?

Bcz its too pricy.............

Plz plz add nfs prostreet demo...................

And also, if u are giving 5 dvds, plz give transformers movie............
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