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[By Demand] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

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In the zone
plz donot give any hindi movies again provide good big demoes of software and games than wasting space my useless repeative softwaressssssssssss and could u provide scoar magzine as pdf in digit..


In the zone
try to give maximum no. of full version games,,softwares,guddies (wallpapers,themes)etc. & let our special issue be very special to each & every DIGIT LOVER..


Lazy fat guy..
1. Corel PaintShop Pro XII 12.00
{ http://www.corel.com/akdlm/6763/dow...SPP12_Corel_TBYB_EN_IE_FR_DE_ES_IT_NL_ESD.exe }

2. Nero 8 Ultra
{ ftp://nero-mirror.com/software/Nero8/current/Nero- }

3. Nero 8 Help Files
{ ftp://ftp6.nero.com/user_guides/nero8/Nero8_chm_Enu.exe }

4. Nero 8 Templates
{ http://www.nero.com/link.php?topic_id=204&gen_id=8 }
{ http://www.nero.com/link.php?topic_id=206&gen_id=8 }

5. Intervideo WinDVD 8 Platinum

6. InterVideo WinDVD Creator 3 Platinum

7. Daemon Tools Pro 4

8. Some old full version games like 'Deltaforce' etc.

9. Lots of e-books, music & animations.

10. A few free softwares.

... :)


* Teh Flirt King *
Corel PaintShop Pro XII 12.00

Nero 8 Ultra

Intervideo WinDVD 8 Platinum

InterVideo WinDVD Creator 3 Platinum

World of Warcraft (Full game :D)
Lots of e-books (Including Skoar mag in PDF)

atleast 1 GB of small arcade games. (www.refelxive.com)
Here are the choices you have:

Linux Distros:

Ubuntu 7.10 DVD EDITION


Java Programming - An Awssome tool for all platforms

C++ Programming: MinGW Developer Studio Full edition(win), Bloodshed Dev C++(win), Anjuta IDE(Lin)

MySQL - no idea what it is

Openoffice Impress - Its radically different from powerpoint, and the other openoffice apps are easy to learn. must be the last choice

Multemedia - Players, Codecs, Compression, Lossy, Lossless, encoding, MeGui, Media Coder, SUPER, VLC, Xine, MPlayer, FFMPEG, MEncoder, etc, etc(with software)

Gimp - ditch photoshop!
Blender - 3d model of myself
InkScape - Introduction to Vector Graphis

the above 3 can be in the same fast track, IMHO.


Charlie chapplin movies, the ones released before 1924 are free of copyrights, so rip several good ones in h.264(x264) vbr 800kbps + AoTuV Vorbis q5
and stuff them in the DVD

Do NOT give any movie already available via Moser Baer, as they are dead cheap(in cost)

Bruce Lee Collection

Rush Hour 3

Hary Potter and The Order of Phoenix

Music - all legal, all ment to be shared:

go here!


Metallica - Yuppee

what drumming?

ogg vorbis music

......and more to come

Tips and Tricks(TnT):

open office impress(better than fast track)

VLC Media Player



MS Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition


Lincity-NG for lin and win

MinGW Developer Studio Full Plus

other essentials

Anjuta IDE

etc etc etc

Game Videos:

Halo 3

Unreal Tournament 3(and those hi res screens)

Game Demos:

No Ideas, sorry

Special Stuff:

Fast Track archieve(book PDF) - all issues from begening of digit

Digit Archieve(magazine PDF) - all issues from begening of digit



damn busy...
NFS PRO street DEMO.
try to give good free games like u gave the flightgear game earlier.
these games r good enough.


How about a fast-track to Graphics?:)It would really help me! I don't know anything about graphic cards and how they work:))!!!Just joking!!But really,I know only little, so I would be happy if I get that fast-track.


Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 7.10

Digit guys listen here, "You guys gave Ubuntu 7.04 in this anniversary edition(i.e June 2007) so if you give Ubuntu 7.10 this december it will be something remarkable. . , buyers will be attracted :)
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