[By Demand] Digit August 2007

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jamesbond007 said:
What is the price for being loyal to Digit ??
Well in my case you guys just need to give Anna Kournikova on Cover Page !!!

+1 vote for the kournikova (l)/(c)over.Dude ur persuation rox!!!!!!


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azeem said:
We are here not because we are free, we are here because we are not free !!
You see you set me free !!!

I can guess who you could be, but I am not sure. If only you could reply to my above quote, may be I know who you are ???

BTW FatBeing don't cha forget Anna Kournikova on Cover Page
Please review mp3 players (including video) players in the next mag. With so many entirely different reviews online itz difficult to choose one


Always in Dreams...
Here you are! Please include these :-:)

1. Vista VG theme and full tutorial by VIShal gupTA I Love The Theme.;)

2. Fast Track To "ANIMATION" Please!!:eek:

3. Good english music albums like before.;) ;)

4. Please do not accept the idea to include "HINDI" songs. We have already sufficient for now.:-D

5. Some great fantasy eye-candy wallpapers.:rolleyes:

6. Bricko Pack Vista Inspirant from CrystalXP.com:)

7. Harry Potter 5 Wallpapers

8. and at last please include Photoshop tutorial from beginning in cd\dvd.:p


BlackBerry7100g said:
they gave that in July Anniversary Issue...didn't u get it ?
They gave the professional edition. I searched for office 2007 products and got this enterprise edition download page in microsoft. Want to see how it is.

Also if possible, include some vista THEMES. I want only the THEMES, not the themes pack or anything else.
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