[By Demand] August 2005 DVD+CD

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please include mobile applications and games for nokia 60 series and communicator series...

and please avoid an adwares or spywares..though they are freewares..it spoils the image of digit cd/dvd in the public..july dvd had a windows theme..which was full of awdwares..
pls avoid such sw in future


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Windows platform sdk for xp and processor packs

Hey digit team plz include visual c++ latest service packs and windows platform sdk as they r very big and average 56k user cannot download them and i think u have not given them earlier and everybody needs them too


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please include unreal tournament 2007 Video from the following link :-


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1)Fedora core 4
2)all digit mag pdf's of last 1 year
3)windows 2000 service pack rollup
4)java runtime environment for IE


JAVE Runtime latest for windows, linux

Quicktime 7 preview 2, 25 MB


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I know GTA:Vice CIty is very old game but please please can u include GTA:Vice City and GTA:San Andres demo



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august cd/dvd

plz plz plz plz

Can u arrange atleast for a demo/free version of moto gp2 or a full version if you would like it that way.
~Phenom~ said:
latest version of MS antispyware beta

old SKOAR and DIGIT issues in pdf form

Yes, It is a long time demand from all digit readers. I just can't care of all old digit magazines and I also can't through them coz i want to keep them for future reference. plz add old digit issues in PDF.
Also digit's cd searching software required just same as Chip CD SEEK.

Udaya Maurya

1. Symbol Commander Demo

2. GTA 1 & 2 (full versions)
(free downloadable on Rockstar.com)

3. Norton Antivirus updates.

4. Free flash games from Miniclip.com & Kewlbox.com.

5. Disney's Classic Wallpapers.
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