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[By Demand] August 2005 DVD+CD

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I think including FC4 is not a really great idea...as Digit has always been sticking to RedHat/Fedora based distros. My suggestion is to bundle some other Linux distros as well, that are equally popular as Fedora. They include Ubuntu, Debian of course and may be FreeBSD and also why not include Mandriva when they've released the iso's for download.

Ubuntu is the fastest growing Linux distrbution for DESKTOP USERS these days. We already had RedHat8, Fedora Core from digit. FC4 is updated FC3, that's it. Nothing great or really exciting about it.

Why not provide us with a LiveDVD of ubuntu, that can also be installed for permanent use? It comes in a single DVD as well as single CD based bundle also.

Also, I would like to request Mono for windows. It can be found here:



Right off the assembly line

i'm a fan of digit.
can i have the windows server 2003 SP1,
can you review the antiviruses for win server 2003 and give trials of them?
well few other requests are:
i think the beta of longhorn will be out so can you include it?
Nero Digital™ trial
new version of nero 6 that is
O&O Defrag Professional 8.0
WINner Tweak 3.1.0

virus defs

hello team digit,

why dont you include antivirus defs in the coming issue. we lot requesting it. please include FC4 in the coming issue. please include dvd image of it if possible not the cd images.

thank u[/i]


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Re: virus defs

niranjan_mcarenyold said:
hello team digit,

why dont you include antivirus defs in the coming issue. we lot requesting it. please include FC4 in the coming issue. please include dvd image of it if possible not the cd images.

thank u[/i]

Antivirus definitions are included in July CD. As I have mentioned in Preview thread for July we have Fedora Core 4 and DVD contents archive on high priority for August.


Can you add this on August DVD?

Alias MotionBuilder Personal Learning Edition 6
Maya Personal Learning Edition 6.5

Thank You.


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rajrulesdear said:
i donno the correct name but its something like "alcohol" or" L col " , the one for creating images of CDs and DVDs.
The right name is Alcohol 120%.

It would be great if you could include the latest version with the August issue. Also could you include Auto Gordan Knot latest version?
linux section

thnks for the reply team digit.

i am requesting you to start seperate linux section(if possible).

in this section i want subsections same as other section and please include the softwares useful for linux. Previously you are giving only the linux sw only now and then.

Try to include the linux software every month if possible.


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Solaris 10 guys

Solaris 10
Sun Studio 10

I think we have seen a lot of Linux distros. I have nothing against it (I run Gentoo and have Knoppix installed on my HDD), but I'd like see something different for the July issue.

Solaris 10 is a something thats seems to be pretty attractive right now. Its the most advanced Unix ever, and now its available for free.

The Sun Studio 10 Compiler is available for free (Free as in Beer) from:

Open Solaris is the Solaris 10 kernel open source offering. Its available at:

Cygwin is a Posix emulation layer for Windows. It is source (not binary) compatible with most of Linux software. The full distribution of Cygwin with X would be a treat for Linux buffs.

CoLinux is similar to Cygwin, in that it allows you to run Linux in Windows. However its approach is slightly different : It has runs Linux under a virtual machine. CoLinux with either Gentoo or Debian distro would be cool.

UWin is a unix-like environment for Windows, developed by AT&T Research Labs (The same guys who invented Unix)


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Open source Databases and Application servers please!!

Hi Team Digit,
It will be great if you could give open source databases like

Postgresql, INgres (for win xp as well as linux)

Also, webservers like apache and application servers like Tomcat/JBOSS (again for win xp as well as linux)

Finally , if possible eclipse IDE, which will be a boon for java developers like me.

Thanks for your great service

Sreekanth V

CD/DVD Authoring Softwares

:) Hello,
I humbly request the following Authoring software Collection.

01. :arrow: Ulead DVD Movie factory 4
02. :arrow: Ulead CD& DVD Picture Show 3
03. :arrow: Ulead DVD workshop 2
04. :arrow: Nero Vision Express Template package I & II
05. :arrow: Nero Photoshow Elite 1.01
06. :arrow: Nero 6 Update packages
07. :arrow: Able Photo Slide Show 1.6
08. :arrow: 1st Photo To DVD Slideshow Burner 2.58
09. :arrow: Photodex Proshow Gold 2.5
10. :arrow: Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5
11. :arrow: Microsoft Photo Story 3
12. :arrow: Video Edit Magic 4.09
13. :arrow: Photo2DVD Studio 4.2
14. :arrow: Ulead Photo Express 4.0
15. :arrow: SlideShow pro 9.76

All the above are very selective softwares. :D
Among them the 9th one is the most important. 8)
I request you to give all these in one Special catogory.




Gimmmme more.
umm! A full version game (good one), a poster , some cool wallpapers from games and space, game reviews, gadget reviews, movie previews and good full version multimedia softwares. Just this much.
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