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[By Demand] April 2009

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Right off the assembly line
In Feb 2009 the gaming issue is fantastic but it does not have "how games are made?"
From which softwares / languages it is made? and HOW?
plz include it in next issue
Some good freeware, but not easy to find, unique, in other words, applications for Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs please :)

And ya, +1 for fast track to python, or C# 3.0 :)


Sync dreams to reality
A small list from my side
1) NetBeans IDE 6.5 complete package version ( the one haveing J2EE,PHP,C++,Ruby,Servers)
2) Eclipse J2EE IDE
3) phpmysqladmin


Always confused
No programming language basics books..NOOOOOOOO
Instead we could buy Programming books of the well known authors.....
Just add speciality to the fast track.
Yeah give the free programming ebooks in one issue.....


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