By Demand [2014]

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i know this is a strange request but can you include all the BG music of digit's GUI of DVD till now it won't take much space also if possible UE 4 Elemental benchmark plz this month's DVD is missing that only.........


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Include Linux Games, Trail of Linux Games available on Steam, Linux Action Show (we used to get this every month few years back).
Hi Team

Can you include an article on which are the best available tools/site which help us to create one own website. e,g:Like Big Daddy, and Big rock.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Who is the new distributor for Digit magazines now (atleast in Mumbai?)? My book store didn't receive them yet, but I think I have 1-3 magazines for return. Even they didn't know who is the new distributor.

Dattaray & Sons said that they've stopped distributing digit magazine to book stores and outlets. I am speculating they only take care of digit magazine distribution for Mumbai. You should know, considering all book stores and outlets (that I know of, atleast in khar, bandra, santacruz, juhu/JVPD area) get digit magazines from the same distributor. But it looks like this month's copy will not be stocked at the very least. It should be easier for Digit's team to check it out.
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