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Buying iphone from Australia

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I was thinking to buy iPhone but exaggerated iphone prices by airtel and vodafone have set me back. :mad:

I am going to australia next week. I was thinking may be i can buy an iphone from there.

Where can i buy iphone in Melbourne Australia and are the prices good as compared to india ?

Please help me get the best deal.


Bond, Desi Bond!
Nope dude. You can't get unlocked iphone. Even in Australia, youhave to sign a 2 yr contract for which TCO is higher than that in India.

Your best bet would be the first gen iphone in Indian grey market or in Australian grey market.

From my experience, electronics in India is cheaper than that in Australia.

iphone 3G has too many issues to ignore and except 3G, it doesn't have any other major improvements.

Pick first gen iphone or get Sony Ericsson G900 for 20k and I am pretty sure that you will be more satisfied with this phone that with iphone.

As the days pass, you will find that you can't do much with the iphone expect zooming in and zooming out pics and text :)
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