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[Buying advice needed] Over-the-ear headphone with mic | ~ Rs 1200


Freelance web designer
I am looking for a good over-the-ear headphone, with a decent mic (with noise cancellation feature) which I will be using for recording some stuff for my videos. Preferably within Rs 1200.

Which one should I go for?

If possible, please include the product link from Flipkart or other reputed online stores.

Thanks & regards.


Freelance web designer
Okay. Thank you.
Actually, I was a bit concerned about the "unfit for prolonged use" complaints.

The Incinerator

Human Spambot
Just loosen it. Any over the ear / circum aural is unfit for prolonged usage as it either makes your ear warm and sweaty or it clamps on them.For tha latter just loosen the headband,for the former get an ac!!!
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