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Buying a UPS - please suggest

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Funny thing...searched all the forums for the word UPS but didn't find any result!!...anyway...

My specs are:

1. 400W SMPS
2. 200GB internal HDD
3. P4-2.66 GHz
4. 5.1 Speakers
6. 21" CRT Monitor
7. CD/DVD Writer
8. 2 extra colling fans (+1 with SMPS)
9. Wireless Router/Modem

Also, at any point of time, any the following may be connected, drawing power from the USB:

1. External 500GB HDD (w/ external power)
2. External Sound Card
3. 7-Port USB Hub
4. Bluetooth Adaptor
5. IrDA Adaptor
6. MP3 player
7. Cellphone (charge / data xfer happnes thru USB)
8. Digital Camera

I want to be able to run the machine for at least 10 mins after power out.
Also, it would be great if there is surge protection for fax & internet connections.

What do you think is the ideal rating for this kinda configuration? 1500VA-2000VA? What would be the price-range?



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:-o 21" CRT monitor huh,well u shud look for atleast 1000KVA ups,APC 1000KVA shud be arnd 7K,u can also look for brands like Numeric,Powercom they'll be arnd 4-4.5k!!!


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APC rules, but is usually out of my budget range. Techtree has given good ratings to the Powercom UPS, but the reviews are a few years old.

Personal experiences, anyone?


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if personal experiences are to go by, APC is the best as i am using it since 3 months (after my Numeric UPS got :poofed: lol (but as u mentioned, APC is abit out of ur range)

So, since u also wanna add those extra devices (at any point in time) I suggest u go in for a min of 1000KVA of UPS rating and in that case, Numeric is good (not coz my got burnt) but bcoz I had been using it since atleast (as far as i can remember) 5.5 years.. (now tats sumthing u call reliability.. :)

Cheers n e-peace....


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Thanks for the info [:)]

I am currently checking out the Numeric models. 5.5 is a good amount of time for a UPS to survive. But can u pls tell me why your numeric got burnt?
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