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Well yesterday my cousin gave me this wonderful software. It copies any file in very less time. I copied a 2 GB file in a little less than 2.5 minutes(timings may vary) :D .

I felt like sharing this software to those who didnt know of it. To use it just copy the file, and wherever u wanna move/copy the file just right click in that place and select burst paste.

The software is 30 days evaluation period. :mrgreen: :wink:

here's the link: http://download.burstcopy.com/burstcopy_setup.exe


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watz this file version ?
i have 1.6, not as good as u said...
which version is this ?

Edit - Version 2.700 build 6*** something .

Well, the product is not a evaluation on my system, so no worry about buying a new license...
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