Budget Mechanical Keyboard Below 3.5k


Hi all, Please suggest Good Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Features Looking: Long Warranty & Good Writing Comfort.

Connectivity : USB /Wireless.

Preference: I am not Fan of Backlight Keyboards; Most of the time I use them for long typing and very little on Gaming.

Mode of Purchase: Online

Budget: Below 3.5 ( Lower the better )


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If on budget, just get TVS Gold. Still serving me after years of usage.
If you are fine with TKL, get CB GK16 (red) or else CB GK11 for a full KB with brown switch.

If you type a lot, prefer brown switch or blue if you don't mind its loud sound. Both the KBs I suggested have full customizable RGB backlight, so customize it as you see fit. I hate those fixed rainbow backlight on cheap KBs.


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I have the Redragon K552 TKL, its great. Built is better than Cosmic Byte, Ant.. I got the Per key lighting edition for 3.4k.
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