BSODs and Driver Problems

Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

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and u know what, i have got a dual fan sapphire cooler now. :-D :-D The vram is 1gb. May they changed the cooler. The box also same.

Will post pics soon.


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^^ Congrats jas. Now don't push the card too much. Play at stock because 6950 is a pretty powerful card out of the box.



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^^ congrats - this thing will remain much more cooler and will offer more performance headroom ;-)
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

Aspiring Novelist
Thanks TP. The cooler is nice. During deus ex human rev at highest settings with mlaa etc i got a max temp of 72c at default fan profile (at that temp it was 54%). :-D


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OK....was reading the thread
now why did you do OCing and running testing s/w like furmark so frequently?
heck...even those hardware reviewers don't do this stuff that frequently

btw from where did you bought this card?

Only high overclocking would results in such problems.

@Jas what was your stock and overclocked speeds?
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