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BSNL to offer 2 MB broadband from january @ Rs250 per month!!!!!!!

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here is a good news for us indians.BSNL is going to offer 2MB speed for 250/- per month:shock::shock::shock::shock:.
i know u must be thinking it's a joke(like jale pe namak).but my friends this is not a joke.the I.T minister has heard our prayers.if u still don't believe me then check out

although i don't believe in lucky numbers but this is my post no 101 and it has brought good news:cool:.wat do u say.
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what is the download limit. If they remain struck at 400mb at 2 mbps per month for 250 bucks, that would be the biggest joke.


the downloading limits in Home 250 and Business 700 plans have been enhanced to 1 GB and 4 GB from 400 MB and 2 GB respectively. BSNL has also decided to bring down the per MB downloading rates from 1.40 per MB to Rs.0.90 per MB in Home 250 plan and the rates have also been lowered in other plans.


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dreams said:
wat abt Home plan unlimited 900 ??

They'r expected to give 2mbps unlimited on the Home 900 plan as well:rolleyes: . Their website still shows the old plans and there is no notification of the new tarrifs on the website :confused: so I'll only believe this when they update the tarrifs on the website.;)
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