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Broken In
hi guys i have a problem with my BSNL DATAONE connection :roll:
i have a modem supplied by BSNL (hauwei) and a 8 port HUb (10 MBps) (unnamed) and 2 computers at my place with onboard LAN. and one dlink lancard installed on one of the comps.
Both the computers has Windows XP SP2.

I will call the computer with 2 lan cards as "server" and the comp with 1 lan card as the "node".

Now the problem is My dataone connection works really good when it is in PPOE mode and connected to the server directly to an ethernet card on the server and from the server i use nat to connect my node via hub.

But the problem starts when i connect the modem directly to the hub. the modem gets connected perfectly to the net and i can browse the net on the both the PCs but after some time the browsing stops on any one of the computers which is not browsing websites on the net. but the another PC does not have any problems.

But this is only one part of the problem the softwares which are IP based and using only IP addresses can access the net without any problem. eg DAP, Brokers softwares, etc.

I thought it to be the problem of DNS server of BSNL and i put in all the DNS address i could find like dishnet tata vsnl etc. etc. but the problem still persists. can any one help me

thanking u all in advance
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