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Broken download problem solved


I had this download problem when downloading from youtube and other video shareing sites. If it is a big download, I have to halut the download process as I can not download for a strech.( i have a slow connection). So, most of the files were not 100% complete.Nor they resumed after say a day after.( because the url gets changed as they have a huge collection,it mighit be dynamic).I have discoverd a process.
1) The download manager can not resume.
2) search for the file again in youtube.
3) make a new download window with thw new file but don't start download.
4)copy the new url to old one.

That is enough. I am using firefox, orbit downloader.

Please let me know if this works on other as well.


Wise Old Owl
^^^ Yah.... IDM is best, but its paid, if not possible then use some of the freewares, firefox has some good free add-on, search....
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