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++++++::broadband Blues::++++++

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hi guys

guys i want to check my bandwidth that how much speed iam getting becoz i dont know for what reason my connections are slo

well can i

1) tweak my connection
2) i want to download torrents sp please suggest me the best and FASTEST software and the best FASTEST SITE

whenever i download the speed is only of 2 or 3 kbps

and see this is a cable lan wired with cat 5 cable

plz help me :(


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Are you using BSNL Dataone Broadband ?
If yes, then are you having a parallel telephone connection ?


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You need to use www.speedtest.net to measure connection speed.

You can use utorrent as the torrent client. It is the best.

You need to forward your ports to get correct download speeds as per your connection speed. You also need to see if incoming connections are allowed to your computer and if you are using a firewall, see that it is not blocking utorrent. For more information see www.portforward.com.

What connection are you using? BSNL Dataone :mad: or Cable internet:)?
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