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Branded File Extensions On Web Server

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DirectI is launching web hosting services to its resellers come Jan 1 2006.

I was just checking the demo of their hosting service and found an option called Branded File Extensions. Since its a demo I couldnt implemented.

From the interface [See Screenshot below] I could see an option to create an extension say .dig (short for digit) and then assign a regular content type like txt/html. Thus www.thinkdigit.com/index.dig will take the user to www.thinkdigit.com/index.htm

I would like to know from the web experts here is that possible in any server by some means. If yes please throw some light as it would be of great help.



Version 2.0
Yes its very easy basically...all you need to do is make a MIME type of whatever ext. u want and thats it..

If you are using CPANEL then click on Icon called MIME Types

then now in first box - Mime Type - put the MIME type you want....

for example..if you want ext of PHP pages as say .tux

then put this in left box


and in right box put tux

and click on add

Or you can do this manually by editing httpd.conf too...

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