bpl mobile users

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yes it has merged official in many circles. i think in a few circles it is yet to be merged.
sry its a take over and not a merger!!
Hutch has taken over BPL mobile


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hey this post should be in "MobileMonsters" section... what it is doing here...



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nsidd75 said:
amol48 said:
Deathdart said:
My cell still says "BPL Mobile" :S

Send 'L10966' to '2000 ' It will start displaying Hutch :) So simple

So what to send for BPL? From Coimbatore... we still have BPL...

send ur mobile to me
haha...just kidding...

only when there is hutch tower...it will show as hutch...
in cbe no hutch tower and anyway..what is the difference
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