Bose donates his company to MIT


Broken In
Dr. Amar Bose, founder of the company that bears his name, has given the majority of the stock of Bose Corporation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The donation is in the form of non-voting shares. MIT will receive annual cash dividends on those shares when dividends are paid by Bose Corporation; MIT says it will use the money to sustain and advance its education and research mission.READ MORE HERE


Wise Old Owl
Whey never thinks about of any indian university.... :-( although he is an indian, but we know why he cant think about it.....


Aspiring Novelist
Bose is not Indian. Why would he give the money here..? Good choice for his alma mater.


Aspiring Novelist
By genetics he is India, but not by nationality. He has no affiliation to India, nor can we even request it.


Hes an Indian American so its only natural he donated his share to MIT. I'm glad he did as the developments there help lots of people around the world both rich and poor.

Giving all that to Indian universities would have been a joke as we know how much of research is done here.
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