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Bootable iso image of Oracle Linux


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I want to download the bootable version of oracle linux, but they are showing as update1, update2. confused which one to download.

Need help to download the image.


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Refer to this https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/FAQ/get_form?ARU_LANG=US#a2a

Select the latest Media Pack (i.e. Oracle Linux 6 Update 5 (6.5.0) Media Pack).

Now you'll get number of files...

Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 5 Boot iso image - Looks like the barebone minimal ISO.
Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 5 - Looks like it's the basic distro which would solve 90% of peoples need.
And DVD1 and DVD2 are for those who are looking for more apps. Be sure to check if you really need those before you download.
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