Bookshelf Speakers for TV under 12k

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Cool Buddy has already shared names of decent bookshelf speakers. Any reason you are not considering those?
I am myself using Edifier R1700BT bought for 10.5K and before this I was using Logitech Z623. I don't miss the over powering bass from Z623 at all. Not saying that it has BIG bass but it has enough. The sound in songs and movies is good. So am hoping higher end models will be even better than this.
1700BT and R1850DB are actually pretty much the same speakers, difference being that 1850 comes with inbuilt DAC and hence supports digital inputs. So sound quality is not likely to be very different.


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Still looking for active bookshelf speakers or tower speakers under 12k.
Tried the Edifier R1855DB. Did not like it.
Want to buy audio setup for living room

Budget: 20k

Extend Budget...If you are not satisfied...This single-time investment did not upgrade like mobile:smile:

I'm using Swans M200MKII
bought @14500/- Demo Sale in proaudiohome
You may look deals section...If any you may try

You may Check Thread Here

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Take a look at this :

If you like this, then you'll have to buy an amp. You can get the following:
Micca OriGain Compact Stereo Integrated Amplifier 50W x 2 (Black)

Input options can be expanded using switches and splitters. You can purchase them separately as per your needs. Here are a few products which might be helpful

Buy CABLESETC 4-Way AV Switcher 4

FiiO D03K Coaxial/Optical to Stereo Audio Converter

TP-Link Bluetooth 4.1 Music Receiver

At your budget, used products will give you the best value for money.


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@whitestar_999 What is the minimum that I need to spend to get an audiophile grade speakers from Swans?
I'm willing to wait.
Audiophile grade speakers not possible in such low budget but you can hope to get much better speakers than what the majority of people usually buy. Many good suggestions already given so you will have to check them out & preferably demo them if possible because sound is quite subjective & there is no universal audiophile/audio equipment which will sound good to everybody.


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@whitestar_999 Agreed but there must be some alternative to Edifier R1855DB which a lot of people consider is the best under 12k.
@Cool Buddy Not looking for passive as the complete setup would cost a lot more than my budget.
What are the best pre worshipped active bookshelf speakers that I can get under 12k in good condition?
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