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Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

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Guess Who's Back
Yup its ahmedabad now , looks like all out terorr attack on india , watch the news for more info.


Who stole my Alpaca!
Sigh. This is definitely getting worse by the day. Hope the authorities become more active and bring the anti social elements to justice.
Maninagar, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar, Sarnagpur Bridge, Amraiwadi, Govindwadi, Sarangpur, Chakla area and Jawahar Chowk.
(source :IBN live)


The joy Of Wow
we have no one else to blame but ourselves.. Our easy going nature is the reason for all this mess... Wish people and authorities be more honest and less corrupt... :(


The joy Of Wow
what???? 14 blasts... If the state and central govt doesn't do anything effective quickly now then they are bunch of $&@/-:;(


the fact that this time they are using low intensity explosive instead of the usual RDX indicates that more than killing innocent people, these guys are more intersted in creating panic among the masses

this fear that grips people's mind is a far more dangerous thing

f*****g f*****s


Unmountable Boot Volume
the answer for nuke deal from islamists(SIMI ,ISI etc).

It's all setups by BJP to try to black face the government the same way they tried to do by the fake cash scam. Why do you think if someone wants to kill, they're going to use such low intensity blasts in such a manner not to hurt people? The moment the blasts happened in BJP controlled karnatak, they were quick to blame the center for the problem when they themselves can't control what's happening in their own state. Both the blasts in BJP controlled states!

If it was really terrorists, I'm quite sure they're not noobish enough to use explosives such as 'gelatin' to make bombs! Terrorists kill, not scare!

Sick of BJP and extremists!!


In the zone
see the similarity of both the series of blasts in the two metros.... all were low intensity blasts.. 14 blasts could kill more than a 100 ppl but the figures are around 20. May be the terrorists want to warn the govt and ppl.....

it is painful to say tht India has a horrible and shitty anti-terrorist frame network.
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