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just bought a walkman phone, out of curiosity...what is bluejacking? how ppl do it n how i can prtect my phone from that?


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bluetooth + hacking = bluejacking

Soln.= Don't let ur bluetooth always on. only switch on when in need. Don't accept unknown connections...


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bluejacking is just overhyped crap.. Dont b scared of it.. Jus dont accept unknown bt conn requests..


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hemant_mathur said:
And what about Bluesnarfing ??
See this video about bluesnarfing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dltjEnrePxc
bluesnarfing is also equally hyped.. with the security protocols in place thesedays, there is no way u can blusnarf.. it used to be possible with the very old SE T610s about 2 yrs ago (that too only after paring the phone), not anymore pal :(

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So basic solution.

Keep your Bluetooth off in public places.

And don't accept unknown connection.

And use invisible mode whenever possible.

And don't worry most of the people in India doesn't know about them. Even if they they do they don't don't know how to do it. But better be safe. Who knows what may strike you from the blues.......
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