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blue screen problem....

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Right off the assembly line
sometimes blue screen comes out
writing "Error Memory Dump.."
computer will restart now
coputer hen restarts again
somebody tell me how to get rid of it


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H/W: Check ur RAM settings better check its condition.......if its still working.........
If its alright check power cable connections and data bus connection.

S/W: any new s/w or drivers installed???? Uninstall and check??


need the BSOD error code bole toh....0x0xxxxxxxx for eg: 0x00000ED or 0xc0000218A etc... further... for basic troubleshooting mem dump issues...if the system starts back into windows the go to start > run > type "minidump" > whatever you find inside the folder delete the same...restart...this will buy you some more time for troubleshooting...get hold of the error code as I mentioned above...if youre confident then start googling with the code or if youre not then ask here...we'll help


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A BSOD is caused due to malfunctioning/corrupted/conflicting drivers. So if you installed/reinstalled/uninstalled/updated any driver recently, you better check it.


Broken In
this might also occur if ur product is corrupted...
just go to shop with warranty card and change the board or hard drive..which is actually causing the problem...BSOD(blue screen of death) is the fatal error and hard time error....so i suggesst u to take this problem seriously...in time!!
and i dnt think we can get rid of the problem...rather its something that is malfunctioning!!

good luck!!

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