Blue Screen on Windows 10


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PC started freezing at first, then if would blue screen randomly, "memory management" error. I thought the issue was with the ram, checked the ram with memtest and turns out it's fine. Next booted using a different hdd, used it for a couple of days, no crashes or freezes. Figured the original hdd is bricked, it's a Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 2TB. Booted into it a couple of days later, checked it's health with HDDSentinel, it reported 100%, tried some more tests using Seatools from Seagate, still no errors, reinstalled windows multiple times, still it would end up BSODing on me randomly. I want to believe something is wrong with the HDD, but none of the softwares say so, so I installed Ubuntu, got steam on it and have been playing the witcher 3 using proton and other games like mankind divided and what not, been using this system for two days, for everything, browsing, taking notes, etc., no crashes or freezes whatsoever.
What might be the problem? And how can I be 100% sure that there's nothing physically wrong with the HDD?


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Pretty weird. Long back had a weird issue of pc shutting down as soon as I start any game in windows but the pc was running fine on linux using onboard gpu. A discrete graphics card what solved the issue.

Anyway, coming back to your issue do post your whole pc config details like processor, motherboard,, gpu, ram ( how many modules are there of which brands ), do you use any specific program in windows, PSu details etc. .. the exact BSOD screen with the message, the version of windows 10 you are using.

Run a full HDD scan using seatools bootable version to be sure of any issue with the HDD.


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I am also having similar bsod errors from time to time.In your case are you sure its because of hdd?? Could be any other component.
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