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The Three Things I've Learned Lately

There’s not a lot happening around me these days. Still, learning is a thing that never stops. Here are three things I’ve learned over the past month or so:

The user really is the weakest link in anything that needs security:
I got myself a laptop bag and a small lock. To be absolutely safe during my journey, I locked the main pocket.....

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Disable Unwanted Daemons in Fedora for Faster Bootup & Memory Increments!

Whenever your Linux system boots up, certain daemons(equivalent of windows services) are loaded into the memory in background. These daemons provide certain functionalities & launch certain applications in some events. Daemons run in background all the time from bootup & get into action when a particular event happens on a system.

For E.g. You plug a pendrive in your computer & after a few seconds you see a nautilus window with the pendrive contents. This is due to the “HAL Daemon” which monitors the hardware & once it detects the new hardware i.e. pendrive in our case it reports to the GNOME about it & simultaneously mounts it & launches Nautilus. HAL is a critical daemon in a Linux system but not all others are & so we must disable them. Disabling unwanted daemons helps in freeding up valuable memory resources & also helps in making the boot faster. Some daemons when kept running also open up potential loopholes for hackers to exploit.

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Ubuntu 10.04 comes with Impressive Feature Set

A look at the new changes 7 features to be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 codenamed Lucid Lynx which is set to release on 29th April, 2010.


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Hey guys,
please visit my college quizzing blog (*
I would appreciate constructive criticism. Also any general tips to improve the blog would be appreciated.


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Chennai Life – Ep.4

Is this little mini-series turning out to be some sort of weekly soap? I hope not, because then I’ll have to down shutters and move to the mountains to regain my sanity!

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