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There was a spam posted by someone after my entry which has now been deleted by the mods. Now naveen's ^^^^^ is pointing to my post which is unfortunate.
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Secure Your Google Account said:
Secure Your Google Account
Almost everyone using Internet these days have atleast one Google Account.many people like me have multiple google accounts. your Google Account is the gateway to lots of services we use dail. to be able to use any google service you need a google account. the popular google services are Gmail - E-mail,Orkut - Social Networking,Blogger - Blogging,Youtube - Video Sharing,Adsense - Advertising etc. these are a few to name but there would many more service you would be using.

Imagine the horror of waking up one day and finding that you cannot access your account, now you cannot check your E-mail or new scraps. Neither you can post to on your dear blogger blog or check how many clicks your blog generated yesterday. Even you Youtube Subcription updates are long gone! In Short a Total disaster !!
So our Google Account is very valuable to all of us and we should do everything possible to protect it.
Therefore I am going to list a few preventive & post-attacks measures you should take.

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hey rambo: you could have tried the HIT spray:grin:
No, but incidentally we have have a very local brand called 'Sekhar'.....'sekhar chapp macchhar powder'...its a white granular thing that is supposed to be mixed with some definite amount of water and be sprayed upon breeding grounds. I doubt if its a house-use product.


Always Fresh!
A very peculiar legal case in USA
This can happen only in the US of A. You all would have heard of absurd legal cases in which people sue someone just because they wanted to without a good reason. I came across one such case and its the heights of stupidity that the US justice system has come down to.

Texas Case No: D182-951 Modica vs Dr. Wilcox

Amy Modica was complaining of sleepless nights and circulation problems. She visited her doctor Howard Wilcox who after listening to her symptoms described them as normal. Hearing this Modica claims to have suffered a heart attack. “The only way that I am to get the help that I need is to tell my doctor of my symptoms. I’m in the middle of trying to tell him the entire situations, and being cut off in mid sentence is wrong. I lose my train of thought and I don’t get...


On my blog:

WIndows 7 editions and some details

Entry level Graphic card recommendation

Story: Why Microsoft worked late night for linux users

How to Instant Message from your browser directly, without installing any messengers

and much more... on


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How to Remove Kido / Downadup / Downup / Conficker

Kido worm also known as Downadup, Downup and Conficker is continuing to spread more rapidly than ever, even though its already several months since it was first spotted. More than 9 million PC’s have been infected and Panda Security reporting infection rates of 6% in two million computers scanned via their website. China (the probable country of origin) is the most infected.

Kido exploits a known vulnerability in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista (some versions even affect Windows 7) which was patched by Microsoft in October, 08. Unfortunately, a large number of PC users never bother to install Windows updates and hence are vulnerable to Kido worm......​


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iPod Touch, Funnest iPod Anyone?
The iPod is the most popular portable music player that exists on the planet today. So much so that all PMPs are sometimes collectively referred to as iPods. It has become a must have gadjet for all kinds of music lovers. And, it has over time, become homogenous with the music industry today. With all that, I had to check what all the hype was about. Not that I haven’t used one, but a first hand experience counts the most...

More of my review on the iPod Touch 2G

* I am an amateur blogger. Well, not a blogger. I just write once in a blue moon. But nevertheless, you guys could check it out. My casual english aint perfect though. Maybe because the article was done in a hurry. And I am lazy to edit stuff and my internet is too slow to cope up with the load it faces. Plus, the article was written a long time ago, maybe a month. I just had nothing to do, so.. ;)


is NOT a PC/Mac
Microsoft must know the right time to release Windows 7

Back in 2006, Microsoft released its last installment of Windows till date, Windows Vista to the market (Although it was released on January 2007 for broader audience and retail market). I don’t think that release was scheduled on a timely manner, it’s still a slapped in something to me. It’s like they did not have something for many days and so they released a stand in version to quench peoples thirst for a short amount of time. Vista is still a hotchpotch to me, making things worse in most of the cases. But it introduced some revolutionary changes to Windows and these changes are nothing those can be ignored. Now it was up to Microsoft to put together these new technologies into a more sophisticated and streamlined approach that can actually run on consumer PCs. That resulted with Windows 7, by far the best from their stable.




IronMan; Ready to Roll...
This one was also written almost a month ago. Skip the initial paragraphs as you may find it boring, they detail on the 'experience' part.

MacBook Review and more..

Okay, now that I have gotten somewhat used to my MacBook and Mac OS X, I should be trying out a small review right..

I went to Katmandu to get a Laptop for myself. Why? Because there is no way one could get a Mac in Dharan, where I stay. I could get it ordered, but these guys would overcharge like hell. And yeah, I wanted to participate in the Computer Association of Nepal - Infotech 2009...
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