Black hole created on Earth; Romulans expected shortly

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If you're waiting to exact revenge on your ancestors you time might just be coming! Scientists over at CERN have succeeded in creating a black hole here on Earth! 

Well, kinda. What they have managed to do is mimic the curvature of space time that exists around a black hole. This "black hole" which works for light of microwave frequencies mimics the the nature of black holes to trap light. 

A black hole is essentially a mass which is so large and condensed, and with such a large gravit...

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Hmm . .is it from the LHC? 'coz a read a paper on the same which predicted that black holes created out of collisions of protons last less than a millionth of a second and are less than useless in terms of destructive capabilities . .


1. last less than a millionth of a second as thewisecrab told
2. The blackholes we mostly know have mass of 10 suns(our sun) or more. so they can't create black hole which can kill us.
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