BIOS beep code.

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My friends PC recently strated giving this error beep code 3-3-3. He has ASUS A8N-vm mobo with AMI bios.
Sometimes what happens is that after those triple 3 beeps the machine loads up winxp and everything works, fine.
Sometimes the machines just hangs at the ASUS logo or other times it boots but shows the message "Cannot load operating system".
These things happens what do ya people say?
The components, like drives, memory etc. are detected correctly in the bios.

One more thing, sometimes the machine boots and loads xp perfectly, without any beeps (o.k. theres a single beep, but its normal).


most probably your RAM is faulty... change the RAM chips and i think the problem will goaway..

this is fault in the first 64k of memory....

solution: trouble shoot RAM/ motherboard memory controller....

take out your ram and clean the slots and ram chip(s) if you have two chips try running it on single chip one by one test both chips. if you have single chip and after cleaning also the problem persists, then change the RAM..

you can also check the SMPS.. many times coz of insufficient power supply, the RAM is unable to powerup...
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